Case Study:



During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chelsea Market approached PPL Events, Inc. for ongoing operational needs. As business conditions changed, the ways to operate retail and office spaces became constraint by state and federal guidance and minimum standards. Operating 364 days a year, and inclusive of the Chelsea Local, a segment of the market offering a wide variety of artisanal products and groceries, the property remained partially open during the lockdown of 2020. As reopening continued, Chelsea Market started operating NYC’s largest outdoor dining operation. The outdoor seating area required active line management, directional and informational communications, and enforcement of social distancing and mask wearing protocols. During this time, PPL Events consulted with management to develop reopening plans throughout the tiered government phasing. PPL Events was engaged to operate and provide recommendations towards the ongoing implementation and improvement of the program.


PPL Events provided recommendations to meet minimum standards in compliance following CDC, ADA, OSHA, federal, state and local laws, policies and regulations to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread. PPL Events has developed and implemented a Health Ambassador Program, who are leaders in the education and enforcement of COVID-19 spread minimizing techniques. The goal of the program is to actively manage tenants, patrons and guests to follow procedures and protocols to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The program was implemented in May 2020; and up to this date, PPL Events has managed the outside dining seating area. The inner concourse reopened as of October 2020 with our continued guidance. Active, daily feedback from all team members, guests and the public dictate the direction of the program. PPL Events is receptive to changing circumstances and is flexible to quickly modify operations to meet guidance and minimums standards.


The Chelsea Market has been able to operate and remain partially open through the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Tenants have opened up their businesses to enjoy the progress of business as reopening occurs. During this time, state and federal compliance to meet minimum standards have been met. Not only is the market following compliance in the interior of their property, but together, we are ensuring social distancing and face mask wearing in order to successfully operate in today’s hazardous environment. Our Health Ambassador program acts as a front-line educator and reinforcer of policies. As developments continue to occur, PPL Events modifies its operations to respond to the changing circumstances. Since our implementation, foot traffic has continuously increased by utilizing the footprint around Chelsea Market, driving revenues on the road back to normalcy. PPL Events offers weekly recommendations, streamlined training and communications to react to today’s need to be immediately flexible and responsive.