Case Study:



PPL Events partnered with Civic Entertainment Group to activate Ford’s ‘Miami Experience’ program. Ford debuted their Automatic Vehicles (AV) to the media and investors, with a plan to fully implement their first AV program in 2021 in Miami. Lasting 3 weeks, we provided 15 Auto Specialists to assist Ford’s AV systems’ teams in helping improve the user experience. Our team acted as Brand Ambassadors during live days explaining the program and technology to media and investors. We were tasked to provide accurate and constructive feedback. Ford wanted to ensure the ‘Miami Experience’ program was fully functional and user friendly by the live activation days. Ford used our PPL Events Auto Specialists’ feedback to ensure progress was made in a timely manner. Ford’s goal was to demonstrate their accomplishments in the Automatic Vehicle field, to both industries and the general public.


PPL Events is known as the go to company for sourcing specific industry specialists. For the Ford Miami Experience we built a team staffed with professionals with extensive automobile and trade show experience who were able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly in the program. We vetted only the most qualified talent from across the U.S. to participate in this event. Via daily 8-hour test sessions and daily briefings our staff was able to gather data to help improve the user experience. We developed surveys on specific areas of improvement like vehicle and software performance and support team response. We acted as a communications liason, ensuring multiple departments at Ford received clear and effective data going forward.


Ford assessed the response the public had to the Miami Experience AV program via the huge positive media coverage it received. In addition, Ford assessed both investor response and business and partnership opportunities that arose from this event. PPL Events played a vital role in the success of the Ford Miami Experience because we took the time to listen to the changing needs of our client. As always, we at PPL Events are flexible and responsive in delivering our clients the most effective teams staffed by our large, high-quality national talent roster.