Case Study:



Clamor an experiental production company asked us at PPL Events to help develop the first ever pop-up retail store by Terez, a clothing company. Our main goals were to gain brand exposure, build the brand’s profile and add to their bottom line by selling their most popular inventory in a highly visible location. As an online retailer, Terez also sought to gather sales data to determine what works locally in NYC.


In partnering with Clamor, PPL Events helped develop, implement and execute a 6 week pop-up retail program for Terez. We were responsible for developing work-flow procedures, goals, estimates, feedback loops, and training materials. We provided a continuous roster of staff, from Managers, Assistant Managers, Retail Staff to Brand Ambassadors. Training them in retail operations and brand information; our experienced hands-on approach encouraged staff enthusiasm. We also managed day-to-day operations such as sales, inventory tracking, customer service, general maintenance, and guerrilla marketing efforts.


The pop-up retail concept conceived by Terez in partnership with Clamor was actualized by PPL Events. We matched our staff’s personal interests, talents and industry experience in retail and fashion to specific positions, resulting in a cohesive team that delivered the Terez message to the public. When it came to sales and understanding the local market, our PPL Events team surpassed expectations. We measured brand impressions via social media posts and on-site influencer attendance. We carefully measured the percentage of existing fans who attended and shopped at the event. Post event, our PPL Events team delivered extensive feedback to Clamor and the reviews were amazing.