Reopening Services

We at PPL Events, Inc. have shifted gears and are doing what we can to take action.

Our goal is to provide some clarity in how we can move forward. The most pressing strategy is to actively educate the public in and enforce virus mitigating and social distancing guidelines.

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Compliance Audit

PPL Events, Inc. examines operations to provide recommendations for actionable solutions in the current hazardous environment. During this process, we evaluate your property to ensure it is safe for your staff and the public. PPL recommendations follow CDC, ADA, OSHA, federal, state and local laws, policies and regulations to minimize your risk and remain in compliance.

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Protect, educate, and safeguard your team. Our training is interactive, easy-to-follow and evaluates the retention of the content. Training can be administered either online or in-person. Training is contingent to developing circumstances.

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Maintenance Program

Maintenance programs allow access to account managers, additional training, regularly scheduled assessments, and improvements-over-time analysis.

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Customized Packages

We are receptive to helping any size operation in the safest, most responsible way forward. We can customize our consulting packages to fit the operations of a wide variety of industries and internal teams.

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Covid-19 Compliance Officers/Health Ambassadors

We provide Health Ambassadors who are Covid-19 compliance officers. They are leaders in minimizing the spread of the virus. Health Ambassadors act as frontline educators and enforcers of spread minimizing policies

We look forward to collaborating towards a safe and successful journey back to normality. Please contact us to start rethinking our path ahead.