Covid-19 Compliance
Officers/Health Ambassadors

We provide Health Ambassadors trained as Covid-19 compliance officers.

They are leaders in minimizing the spread of the virus and keeping operations safe. Currently, we have a large roster of national, capable Health Ambassadors, organized for quick-response operations. To educate our workforce, we have developed a robust internal Health Procedures Training required by all staff.

We believe preparation and education are key to reopening successfully.

The training not only educates our staff in how to comply with all current CDC guidelines and reduce the spread of the disease, but also provides training in escalation and de-escalation in the current environment. Health Ambassadors; a new role developed to respond to the need to educate the public and enforce policies.

Depending on the activation, event or ongoing programming, tasks of Health Ambassadors include:

Keeping a head count and
enforcing guest capacity

social distancing

hand sanitizer

Identifying bottlenecks
and problem areas

Cleaning surfaces touched
in high traffic areas

Enforcing traffic flow and
directional policies

Enforcing face
mask covering

Providing temperature
checks if available

Having a large national team allows us to tackle big tasks, yet it is our efforts and capabilities in local markets and communities that are instrumental in our ability to be flexible, fast-acting, and responsive. Our local teams are our families. They are professional, have a positive attitude and an incredible work ethic. They have excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to interact skillfully with technology and the culturally diverse. Together we thrive past challenges to successfully lead any operation, no matter the complexity.

Let's activate an army of Health Ambassadors to resurrect our industry. Let's become the bridge towards our new reality. We are the leaders in how to move forward!

Let's Get Started.