Our Services

We at PPL Events, Inc. offer a wide variety of services.

PPL Events, Inc. partners with clients to support ongoing operations by supporting internal teams on a regular basis. We provide specialized, tailored services to address the client’s needs. We match our teams to maximize their engagement and build brand equity.

We provide:

  • Producers
  • Event Managers
  • Productions Assistants
  • Crews
  • Greeters
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Retail Specialists
  • Product Specialists
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From event set-up to event breakdown, PPL Events, Inc. is there to provide the best teams needed for a successful project. PPL Events, Inc. offers ongoing operations packages to meet recurring client needs. These packages are developed to meet the individual demands of the client, with an emphasis in team development, open communication, and transparency.

As a recognized leader in the experiential and live events, with nationwide capabilities spanning all 50 states, PPL stands ready to provide you with the highest level of service available –reliably, affordable, and carefully tailored to your precise needs.

Our licensed and insured security guards are carefully selected for their reliability, professionalism, and thorough training, to deliver to you the highest quality of protection. PPL offers integrated solutions designed to quickly, efficiently and effectively address any security concerns. For short or long-term assignments, you can count on our security services specialists for the friendly, responsive service you deserve.

We take the worry out of protecting the people, properties, and assets that matter most, and we do it with the promise that you will always be assured of the strictest standards of accountability and oversight at every step in the chain of command.

  • Event Security
  • Club Security
  • Movie Set Security
  • Election Security
  • Around the Clock Security
  • Armed Security
  • VIP Security
  • Commercial & Private Security
  • Equipment & Asset Protection
  • Retail & Loss Prevention Security
  • Executive & Personal Protection
  • Restaurant Security
  • Screening Services
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PPL Events, Inc. builds teams in a variety of industries, including dining, retail, and nightlife. We offer logistics, training, and personnel management. Our teams are not randomly selected by whomever is available first, but well thought out organizations with existing, authentic rapport to deliver successful operations.

We Provide:

  • Bartenders
  • Servers
  • Hosts/Hostesses
  • Food Runners
  • Barbacks
  • Bussers

From small private events, to large complex synchronized service, PPL has the experience to make your event into an unforgettable moment.

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Our influencers represent a wide variety of lifestyle categories reaching markets tailored to meet the client’s desired exposure. From 10K to over a million followers, we offer tiered exposure with the result of driving traffic and increasing sales in an organic and intimate way.

Improve the relevancy of your brand by engaging with audiences in a more personal way. Operating a sizable market share of events and programs in the U.S. allows us access to the biggest players on each platform.

Create content specific to the brand’s aesthetic and strategic goals while giving audiences a relatable subject they’ve developed rapport with.

Our staff is thoroughly trained in program specifics in an uniform, open structure to effectively communicate brand messaging. Well-experienced in national tours, PPL emphasizes its relationships and internal feedback rather than mindless staff assignments. PPL has experience with distribution and transportation logistics; finding efficiencies to operate strategic marketing goals. Through years of on the ground multi-market experiential marketing, PPL has a proven track record and network to make your product demos a success. PPL develops training tailored to educate and evaluate staff in retaining pertinent program specifics.

PPL can provide:

  • Market Managers
  • Tour Managers
  • Product Specialists
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Conception of an idea for a great experience is just the start. You need a partner with the experience to manage your temporary to semi-permanent operations.

PPL partners with clients to consult in:

  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Programming
  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Communications
  • Trainings
  • Signage
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We understand a brand’s need to be creative. We take your concept and operate it practically and efficiently. We offer operational assistance unparalleled in the industry. PPL follows
all labor laws and regulations and processes staff as W2 employees as mandated by the government. PPL processes payroll and benefits as dictated by the federal and state government.

We have experience with:

  • Trade Shows
  • Pop-up Stores
  • Pop-up Restaurants
  • Non-profit and Volunteers
  • Community Outreach Programs
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Our Health Ambassadors are professional, have a positive attitude and an incredible work ethic. They have excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to interact skillfully with technology and the culturally diverse. Together we thrive past challenges to successfully lead any operation, no matter the complexity. We develop programming for on-off activations or for ongoing programming.

Health Ambassador functions include:

  • Educating guests in proper spread minimizing techniques
  • Keeping a head count and enforcing guest capacity
  • Enforcing social distancing, providing hand sanitizer
  • Identifying bottlenecks and problem areas
  • Reinforcing traffic flow and directional policies
  • Reinforcing face mask covering
  • Providing temperature checks if available
  • Answering any questions and addressing any arising concerns
  • Acting as point of contact in an emergency
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PPL offers recommendations on meeting state and federal standards, including but not limited to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

PPL conducts operations and property assessment to determine deficiencies and meet compliance standards. We provide training to protect, educate, and safeguard your team. Our training is interactive, easy-to-follow and evaluates the retention of the content.

We also offer maintenance programs allowing access to account managers, additional training, regularly scheduled assessments, and improvements-over-time analysis. We are receptive to helping any size operation in the safest, most responsible way forward.

We can customize our consulting packages to fit the operations of a wide variety of industries and internal teams.