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Diego Errea comes from an extensive background in experiential marketing, strategy, operations, and hospitality. Having worked over 15 years with the biggest players in a variety of industries, he possesses the experience to manage the most difficult, challenging activations, with a critical eye on presentation, cohesion, and attention to detail. Diego has taken a leading role in the creation and expansion of other experiential marketing agencies and has the necessary tools and knowledge to find the efficiencies needed to increase the value of the service offerings of PPL Events, Inc.



Ahmad Barqawi has a diverse background in labor logistics, operations, and hospitality management amongst some of the largest companies in the world. Starting at Johnson & Johnson in Human Resources and Logistics, he has been in charge of planning company-wide events; this began to structure his love of event planning along with the ins-and-outs of experiential marketing. With well over 10 years of event and marketing experience, Ahmad’s principles of quality and integrity are consistent throughout any project he contributes to. Whether it be a small cocktail party or a complex experiential activation, his personal investment in every project drives his passion to produce successful events.



Nathalia Thompson has years of experience in the event management and logistical fields. Nathalia meets the needs of both clients and staff through her attention to detail and dedication to her work. Both a staffing and event manager, she has developed a sophisticated skill set for effortlessly being able to match the personality of staff to the vibe of an event. She is adept at acknowledging changing circumstances and always maintains an upbeat and can-do attitude which allows her to run events smoothly from conception to completion. Nathalia has become the go to event lead for off-site and heavily built-out events with numerous brands.



Thomas Thomas Jr. hails from a career in operations, production, and event management. He has worked for and with top tier media, cosmetic, and music based companies. His 20+ years of experience has enabled him to plan, execute, and effectively lead small & large teams with confidence. These areas include event staffing & management, non profit disaster relief groups, inventory management, purchasing & disbursement, product launches, festival management, and large scale art installations. With a passion for these areas his ability to lead teams effectively is respected by both clients and staff for getting the job done.



Justin Pontier is an experienced logistics coordinator and project manager with a specialty in creative directing and producing. Over the past seven years, he has produced and managed events all across the US; ranging from large festivals and experiential experiences, to small and mid sized corporate meetings and retreats. His clients include some of the biggest names in tech to large worldwide financial firms and boutique creative houses. When it comes down to his core, Justin is a storyteller at heart with a knack for bringing people together and building community.



Darrel Pendergrass has a background of 10 years in experiential marketing and promotional events. He’s been a key part of some of the biggest events throughout various industries from media, to sports, music and health. Darrel loves being on the ground and working through logistics and operations to create effective and consistent consumer experiences. With an additional background in TV and Film production, he also has a keen eye for detail, presentation, and assessing impact and potential reach of any activation or marketing strategy. Darrel is a client favorite because of his attention to detail, quick wit sarcasm, travel stories, and overall ability to create a palatable environment for both consumer and coworker.