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Diego Errea comes from an extensive background in experiential marketing, strategy, operations, and hospitality. Having worked over 15 years with the biggest players in a variety of industries, he possesses the experience to manage the most difficult, challenging activations, with a critical eye on presentation, team development, and strategic goal. Diego has taken a leading role in the creation and expansion of other experiential marketing agencies and has the necessary tools and knowledge to support the direction and find the efficiencies needed to increase the value of the service offerings of PPL Events, Inc.



Maria Errea manages the daily staffing operations of PPL Events, Inc. Having a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality and extensive background in human resources, training and fast-response operations, Maria possesses the skills necessary to tackle the growing demand and ensuing logistics. Maria has extensive experience in operations and management; she has managed large teams in a variety of industries throughout her professional career – from medical personnel, to hospitality staff, fulfillment staff, and brand ambassadors.  Maria also has experience with emergency response having been certified as an EMT since 2016. By possessing the ability to discern the seriousness of any situation, Maria manages her projects in an efficient way, while keeping safety and responsibility in the forefront.



With over 15 years of notable experience within the financial sector, Carlos is a seasoned Vice President of Operations recognized for skillfully managing teams and orchestrating complex international operations. He is driven for efficiency, fostering elevated team performance and innovation. Carlos has had exposure to overseas engagement and establishing presence in nascent markets. He is dedicated to client-focused approaches, and mentorship of emerging professionals.



Noel Gibson is one of our top performing and highly sought after Account Managers. With over 8 years experience in recruitment management and 5 plus years in staffing, Noel has amassed the respect and loyalty of many top tier clients due to her level of professionalism, expertise, and her ability to always deliver for her clients. With a background in sales and notably one of the top sellers in her craft, Noel’s experience is eclectic, and shows her true range of diversity that can accommodate your specific needs. From domestic and international trade shows, to managing on and off-premise activations for well-known portfolio brands to the production of large corporate events, she is a reliable resource for her clients.


Previous clients include NASA, Intel, Google, SAP, Microsoft, Nike Women, Nest, American Express, etc. Her experience traveling with some of the largest brands in the world is the foundation of her expertise and her clients benefit from the techniques she acquired from this exposure. Noel is often recognized for her creativity in event promotion, ability to select the best staff for each event, efficient event training methods, and her commitment to excellence. Her proactive approach saves her clients the time they need to focus on other areas of their business, while she manages all of the logistics to make their upcoming event a success.



Bernadeta Straukaitė has many years of promotional experience, working in a variety of events. Dedicated, results-driven, and reliable professional with a history of meeting company goals utilizing attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, personal interactions, and a positive mindset. Raised in Europe and having extensive experience through her work in the healthcare, hospitality, customer service, and entertainment industry, she expanded her abilities to work efficiently in a team setting, interact effectively with people from various backgrounds and create a positive connection with a client by communicating the value of products and services effectively. She developed good listening and interpersonal skills with a medical background and management experience, allowing her to be more empathetic, better understand a workforce, and steer them to meet a client’s needs. Due to her experience in emergencies, Bernadeta is also skilled to work under pressure and adapt to new situations and challenges. She is very devoted and will always give her best at every event or program!



Michael Keohane’s wide-ranging experience in hospitality, customer relations, operations, strategy, and marketing has made him an integral part of the PPL team. He excels at developing and maintaining an environment of trust, diversity, and inclusion within the teams he leads and the clients he works with.  He believes in cultivating strong working relationships and that success is achieved through collaboration and communication. Michael’s passion for planning, leading, and coordinating has allowed him to create unforgettable brand and customer experiences that exceed – rather than just meet – expectations.



Katja’s cosmopolitan worldview and ability to adapt to different energetic environments is how she thrives at each unique event, experience, or activation. Born in New York City and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, she has traveled internationally since childhood and has found this to be critical to understanding diverse backgrounds and the uniqueness of each person she meets. She employs her global experience in exploring the nuances in staffing and hiring the best personnel possible. She uses this knowledge to connect with more people and grow opportunities naturally.


Through her work in luxury fashion, interior design, PR, and event planning for over 15 years, Katja has become an expert in assessing her clients’ needs and helping them to fulfill their experiential marketing goals and intentions. Her work has allowed her to develop the characteristics of tenacity, resilience, flexibility, patience, and commitment. She looks forward to working with you on making your event a major success and a memorable moment!



Katrina has been in the experiential marketing and event field for 20 years. Having worked for countless clients and large consumer brands, Katrina quickly gained momentum in the experiential marketing field and earned the respect of clients who have entrusted her with staffing, training and managing on-site events. Katrina enjoys being in the field where she has forged great relationships, worked with diverse groups and aided in the growth of numerous brands.

Taking on an array of different roles including market manager, and team lead, Katrina is always ready for the next challenge, consistently learning, improving and honing her crafts. Always high-spirited and optimistic, Katrina prides herself in being reliable and maintaining great relationships with colleagues and clients alike.”



Darrel Pendergrass has a background in experiential marketing spanning almost 10 years.  A key part of some of the biggest events throughout various industries from media, to sports, music and health, he thrives in the field.  Darrel loves being on the ground and working through logistics, as well as being of assistance in the initial organizational phase of any project.  He is an expert asset in each phase of a plan from development to execution. With an additional background in TV and Film production, he also possesses an innate eye for detail and presentation.  He loves creating an environment for effective consumer marketing.

Marvin Verna

Account Manager

With over a decade of experience spanning marketing, operations, sales, and brand management, Marvin has left an indelible mark across diverse industries. From working alongside curators spearheading the prestigious “Queens Taste of the World” event to leading high-value luxury auctions, he consistently delivers outstanding results. His expertise in creative scouting and brand development has forged partnerships with top agencies and iconic brands such as Pantene, Bon-Appetit, Revlon, and MGM, resonating with global audiences. Driven by innovation, he shapes market expansion initiatives, pioneers revolutionary products, and influences the success of prestigious events like the Tribeca Film Festival. With professionalism, creativity, and dedication, Marvin remains at the forefront of driving innovation worldwide.